More than JUST video production

Three Post is not just a video production company.
Three Post is a creative studio focused on powerful
and expansive digital media campaigns that reach people and ignite their emotions.

+ Skills // Service

Three Post creates and delivers digital media solutions across all mediums and screens.

We use digital media to tell stories that develop interest and grow relationships between brands and customers.

Our core competencies include video production, animation and interactive design -- which can encompass everything from a single :30 video to an expansive, multi-platform media campaign.

Our passion to create great work is only matched by our commitment to providing superior service to out clients. Here's how:

We're all human, so we treat our clients like real people.

Collaboration is critical to producing something that makes us both proud.

Be honest.

Build relationships that make both parties stronger.



310 S. Harrington St.
Raleigh, NC 27601
Tel: 919-215-6019

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